Tobacco and Cedarwood Natural Coconut & Soy Candle 10 oz

A smoked blend of earthy tones of cedarwood and vetiver along with a woody tone of juniper. Topped with the sweetness of vanilla and a citrus blend that consists of tobacco. Can be considered masculine or feminine.

Poured into an elegant but reusable highball glass, wrapped with a black bow on top and a small box of matches to add an elegant touch.

All our luxury candles are handcrafted and hand poured one at a time in small batches at our small studio in Orange County, California.
Made with 100% Pure Natural Coconut & Soy Vegan wax combined with a cotton wick that is lead & zinc-free to provide a clean and non toxic burn.

Burn Time: Up to 55 hours
Net Wt: 10oz
Height: 4.25 in
Diameter: 3.50 in