” Spring Clearing”-How to Clean and Clear the Energy in Your Home

We have become a country of obsessive cleaners. Wash your hands, wipe off your groceries. Scrub your counters. Thanks to the Covid Pandemic, our homes are scrubbed clean. There is not a child among us with dirty hands. The sales of cleaning supplies have gone through the roof.  In March of 2020, aerosol cleaning product sales jumped nearly 400 %

Our homes may be physically clean but are they energetically clean?

Have you ever walked into a store, restaurant, or someone's home and just felt uncomfortable?  It’s not anything visible or overt that is making you uncomfortable. What is it? You just cannot place your finger on what is causing that gut reaction that something is off. Most likely, it is the energy of the room that either puts you on edge or disrupts your mood.

All objects are comprised of atoms.  These atoms vibrate at different frequencies, and their movement creates a measurable energy signature. People and their pets also have an energy signature or vibrational frequency.  The higher the vibrational frequency, the happier we feel, while the lower the vibrational frequency, the more disturbing.

Dr. David Hawkins published “Power Vs. Force” in 2014. He was renowned for his research quantifying the vibrational energy of everything from words to emotions to people to buildings.  In the book “Power vs. Force,” we learned that the vibrational level of anger, despair, and fear are at the lowest end of the spectrum.

The vibration of appreciation, gratitude, love, peace, and joy are at the higher end of the spectrum. Therefore, we are naturally attracted to and feel better surrounded by the higher vibrational frequencies. These energy signatures raise our own, make us feel lighter, surrounding us with the energy of love and joy.

How is it that when you meet a person for the first time, in five seconds, you feel immediately drawn to them or repelled by them? They may not have even said anything yet to influence you either way. It’s all about people’s energy!!!

Without getting too deep into the science, I hope this gives you an understanding of why you are reacting to the energy of your own home.   You can see that what you feel, how your mind and spirit experiences the energy signature left by the previous occupants, or even your own energy has an impact.

Is the energy in your home drawing you in? Does your house seem peaceful, joyful, and happy, or are there undertones of anger, frustration, or energetic darkness?

Since we are working from home and having business meetings in our personal space, It can feel like you are bringing work home because you actually are! There is no difference between the energy of a person on a zoom call and that person being physically in the room.

If you feel anxious, angry, frustrated, low energy, difficulty sleeping, or feel like you lost your mojo, it is probably time to clear the energy in your house.

One of the best ways I know to shift your house's energy and clear your space is to start by lighting a candle.

I spoke with Siobhan Wilcox, a Feng Shui expert and home healer specializing in clearing homes of everything from negative forces, hexes, and spells, ghosts, and stagnant energy.  People hire her to clarify if energetically a home is the right house to buy for them. She also clears the home of the previous tenant’s energy, living or dead. She uses the science of Feng Shui remedies to set your house up for romance and success. Siobhan works with clients worldwide.  

I asked her about clearing our spaces with candles. Here is an excerpt of our conversation.

“Candles have been used for millennia to create sacredness and clear space. A candle is an essential part of any space clearing I perform and always the first part of any ceremony.”

Siobhan, who has been harmonizing homes for over 25 years, told me she begins each home harmonizing ceremony with these words- "I light this candle to protect me and all who live here as I clear and cleanse this space." Candles, in her opinion, help to call in the energy of the divine while adding protection and tranquility. They hold the space sacred.

Depending on what her clients need support with dictates the scent of the candle Ms. Wilcox chooses.

 For example:

  • Lavender helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Sandalwood is perfect for support in times of grief.
  • Orange uplifts and energizes.
  • Rose is ideal for romance or self-nurturing after a breakup.

House clearing is an ancient tradition, dating back to prehistoric times and practiced by many cultures worldwide.  

  Here are some of the things you will need to create your own Spring Clearing Kit. Think of this as a form of “Spiritual Hygiene” for you and your home.

In addition to your favorite candle, your home cleaning kit should include:

  • Sage stick or sage oil- Use a high-quality sage, preferable California White Sage.
  • A feather for distributing the smoke and one abalone shell for catching burning embers.
  • Selenite crystals are excellent for clearing energy. Selenite clears negative energy and purifies the environment.

Here is a simple guide for Clearing your home space.

Before you begin your clearing practice, open some of the doors and windows, giving any negative energy a way to exit the room.

Step One Candle Lighting

 Light your candle. You might want to say a prayer or use Siobhan’s suggestion, “I light this candle to protect me and all who live here as I clear and cleanse this space."  Feel the energy begin to shift around you.

Step Two. Sage your Space

 When you light the sage stick, let it burn for about twenty seconds and then blow it out, so it is just smoking embers instead of flames. Catch any of the escaping embers in your shell.  First, sage yourself or have a family member do it. Take the sage stick, keeping it at a safe distance, trace the outline of your body with the smoke. You can use the feather to direct the smoke around your body. Trace you front and then the back.

Next, go through each room of the house sage all the corners, closets. Pay attention to heavily used areas as well as areas that are often unused and can collect old hidden energies.

 Step Three Crystals

I use my crystals to keep the space clear and for problem areas of the house. If you have difficulty sleeping or feel heavy energy around you, leave some crystals in the room. Selenite is perfect for clearing negative energy and clearing other crystals.  Shungite and Hematite are great for protection and grounding. Tigers Eye is excellent for protecting you from other people's harmful intentions.

Sage clears bacteria from the air, and burning sage positively affects the brain and the nervous system. There is nothing better to uplift your mood than stepping into a clean and clear house. End your ceremony with a closing prayer of gratitude and enjoy peace of mind.

Like everything else in life, the quality of your materials counts. Remember, when choosing your candles, you want to make sure you burn an all-natural organic candle. 

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