The Scent and Science of Romance

Each year we struggle to find the perfect way to say, ”I LOVE YOU!” There are such high expectations for the day. To create more fun and playfulness in our house, we just extend the day to Valentine’s Month and surprise each other with acts of love and appreciation all month long.

Whenever we imagine a romantic evening it always starts with candlelight. Think about every romantic movie you have watched and how they set the scene for romance. It always includes candles. You know romance is in the air when dinner is served by candlelight. Then there is the scene by the fireplace. Picture a warm fire roaring with candles providing a soft glow to the room. You know what’s about to happen…because the mood is set, and love is in the air. When you walk into a bedroom strewn with rose petals, champagne chilling, and two beautiful, stemmed glasses standing by... what is your first thought? You notice the plate of chocolate-covered strawberries on the nightstand. You know the scene would not be complete without the soft glow emanating from the array of gorgeous fragrant floral candles. This is the ultimate setting for romance and passion.

Do you know what your partner's love language is? What makes them feel loved and appreciated? Is the way to your lover’s heart through food? Cooking their favorite meal can be the ultimate gift for some. For some people, it's spending quality time together. For others, it's a thoughtful gift. Some people love elaborate surprises or adventures. And then there are the people who feel
loved and appreciated by acts of kindness, thoughtful help with chores.
If you are a hardcore romantic and searching for a way to plan a celebration that truly expresses your love and passions, answer these questions to get started:
How would your partner respond to the questions below?

1. What is my love language?
2. What would be the perfect gift from my lover?
3. What would I want to be included in our celebration?
4. What would I need to set the mood?

If you can answer these questions from their perspective that you deserve an A+. Here is a suggestion for how to set the mood by choosing the perfect fragrance for passion backed by real science.

The 2014 Study by the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Surgeons, which examined the aphrodisiac response of males to various aromas/scents. The top five sexy scents:

1. Lavender and pumpkin pie: 40%
2. Doughnut and black licorice: 31.5%
3. Pumpkin pie and doughnut: 20%
4. Orange: 19.5%
5. Lavender and doughnuts: 18%

Note: When in doubt choose doughnuts. Who knew it was that simple!!! These scents increase blood flow to the sex organs.

Women respond to the above scents with increased arousal as well. Women especially favor the following.

1. Rose – increases the immune system and enhances a women’s libido and confidence.
2. Peppermint- excites the brain, enhances blood flow, and stimulates the body.
3. Lavender – relaxes and stimulates simultaneously.
4. Grapefruit- women who wear this scent are perceived to be six years younger.

It would be fun to experiment with your partner and do your research. Experiment with various scents and see how aromatherapy increases the love, energy, and passion around your house. The team at Chateau Candle Company would like to wish you and your loved one lots of love and joy this February. Remember when choosing your candles, you want to make sure you burn an all-natural organic candle.

Our Citrus, French Lavender, and Cinnamon are relaxing. The Cardamom and Pomegranate are invigorating. The chocolate aroma gets us in the mood for romance. The scent of an English Rose evokes happiness and joy and deep passion.We offer hand poured small-batch pure plant wax. Our candles create a luxurious atmosphere and a healthy and safe burn. Set the mood by choosing from our gorgeous selection of organic, vegan, handmade, natural fragrance candles made in our shop in Southern California and shipped directly to you.

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