Vote with your Dollars $$$ Shop Ecco- Friendly

Vote with your Dollars $$$ Shop Ecco- Friendly

Let's face it... 2020 has been a challenging year.  We've experienced one disaster after the other. Covid -19 Pandemic has impacted every area of our lives.  Our level of stress is through the roof.  For many families, the pandemic created heartbreaking losses. For countless entrepreneurs and small businesses, the shutdowns created unprecedented financial challenges. 

The environment has been under assault. Mother nature delivered hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires at record levels. It has been another year of record-breaking temperatures globally. The impact of global warming has been felt in every sector of our planet, from the North Pole to the Southern Hemisphere.  Hopefully, Santa and his Raindeers still have enough snow and ice left for their landing strip!!! HO HO HO. 

And then there was the United States Presidential election... 

In a world where it feels like we have less and less control, I'm grateful we still have a voice that gets people's attention.  Where and how we spend our dollars makes a difference. Every time we make a purchase, we are voting with our pocketbooks. We are confirming and condoning the business practices of a company.  Do they have policies that protect the environment? Take care of their employees and contractors? Source their materials sustainably?  Contribute to the well-being of the people who buy their products?  Do they have a plan for reducing their carbon footprint and conserving our precious water supply? 

There is a global movement among the Fortune 500 and 100 companies, competing for the top awards for sustainability.  New companies are entering the marketplace every day with a purpose-driven message and a plan to help the planet.  It may seem like we are in a  hopeless place when it comes to the environment, but there are thousands of new companies, non-profits, and NGOs hard at work creating new ways to live a  sustainable future and heal the planet.     

Companies committed to becoming green certified work on measurements such as carbon footprint, energy consumption, product recycling rate, waste reduction, sustainably sourced ingredients, ethically produced products, and ending slave labor practices.

Some of the brands we know and love to shop for are purpose-driven, green companies like Toms, Patagonia, Allbirds, and  Seventh Generation. 

And then there are up and coming companies inspired by the passion of being able to do good for their customers and employees.  Happy Feet, which sells socks and T-shirts and then uses a part of the proceeds to provide transitional employment to young people ages 16-24 who are experiencing homelessness.

Dog Threads makes shirts and sweaters for dogs and matching attire for their human owners.  Started in 2014, they created a few designs for their doggie after seeing the need in the market.  Gena and Scott Davis donate a portion of every sale to support non-profit dog rescues. 

When  Holiday Gift Shopping 2020 you want to consider what's important to you and do a little research on the companies that you plan to shop.   It doesn't have to be complicated. Just check out their website first for your 2020 gift ideas.

Check out clothing stores that use recycled materials or like Patagonia repair and restore.

Keep your old clothes out of the landfills, and receive a discount on your new purchases. Some older recognizable names recycle or upcycle like Levi's, The North Face, Zaras, and H& M.   Also, check out a few companies you may not be as familiar with, such as  Reformation and Madewell. 

Buy gifts that contribute to solving our environmental problems, like a great water bottle from Hydro Flask.  Even though we are getting better and better at recycling, over ninety percent of the plastic bottles used end up in the landfills and leach into our oceans each year. 

Reusable metal straws make great stocking stuffers and save us from adding to the 500 million straws used in the US each day. Yikes!  There are quite a few choices on Amazon. 

Now that we are in our second waver of Covid shutdowns in Southern California, we can protect our family and our community health while still shopping with the businesses that need our support. Get takeout from your favorite restaurants. Hint: If possible, order from the restaurant directly rather than a delivery app. That will save your restaurant from having to pay a hefty fee for your order. 

Continue your holiday shopping online. Choose products from companies that are socially conscious about the issues that are important to you. Find products that meet your needs and also support a healthy planet, social justice initiatives, and keep you and your family healthy. 

Holiday Shopping  Gift Ideas 2020

 If you need a little shopping inspiration, try these Top Three-Holiday Gift Categories for 2020. Contribute to your friends and family's home cooking craze, get moving with the latest exercise routines and products for the much-needed home spa. 

Anything for the Kitchen

We are home and cooking more than ever. Who wouldn't love a subscription to a farm box delivery service? Or how about a new set of baking tools or a healthy zoodle maker.  Maybe it's time to indulge that dream of home brewing your special beer or wine. They have kits for that! 

Something for the Home Gym

Your favorite gym is probably closed.  How are you going to recreate your exercise routine at home? Ask Santa for a subscription to your favorite trainer, yoga instructor, or exercise channels,  and join them online. Try an exercise bike for cardio and some resistance bands or some kettlebells to keep the muscles fit. Putting together a home gym can be a great gift and fun project for the entire family. 

Your Home Spa Experience

We need to de-stress from our days on zoom calls, homeschooling the kids, and the endless news cycle.

What better way than to create a home Spa Experience.   The fastest way to set the mood and enhance the environment is to start with a selection of Natural Candles. Add music and maybe a home massager and bath salts. Turn off your technology and luxuriate. Enjoy your me-time or invite your partner.   Whatever you buy for a gift to give, make sure to double your order and gift yourself a relaxing spa experience. 

 We spoke to  Brian, of the Chateau Candle Company, who shared about how his hobby turned into this popular  Ecco –Friendly, California Candle Company.  He became tired of spending a small fortune on the natural candle scents he had grown to love while traveling in France. Brian wanted a luxury candle that was free from toxins and petroleum waste products. He loved creating his little pieces of luxury and comfort and wanted to share it with his friends & family. Combined with his love for France and his passion for candles, Chateau Candle Company was born. 

"Love and care go into each candle as we hand pour them in small batches. We feel fortunate to be able to offer a healthier, high-end candle at a more reasonable price and hope you enjoy our candles too. All our luxury candles are handcrafted and hand-poured one at a time in small batches at our small studio in Orange County, California."Made with 100% Pure Natural Coconut & Soy Vegan wax combined with a cotton wick that is lead & zinc-free to provide a clean and non-toxic burn.” 

To enjoy these luxury vegetarian candles visit our online candle shop.  Give the gift of luxury, peace, serenity, and joy. Experience the healing aromatherapy effects of our natural and exotic scents

Chateau Candles are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

Happy Holidays Every. Remember to Vote with your Dollars $$$ Shop Ecco- Friendly !!!